About Us

Here at GeorgeGankasGolf.Sport.Blog we have a passion for all things golf, and have turned our passion into a career.

It all started around 8 years ago when two brothers, George and Greg, and their two good friends were out on the greens hitting some balls around. The brothers had been golfing for many years, however the two friends had never been golfing before. After showing their friends the ropes, the two friends slowly but surely started doing better and better. Since that first time, the 4 guys started golfing regularly together. One day when George and Greg got back to their respective homes after their game they started talking about the first day they had played with their friends. The brothers both agreed that they both had an awesome time teaching their friends to play golf. They realized that they loved teaching golf so much, they quit their boring day-jobs and started coaching golf full-time for all levels of students.

Nowadays George and Greg are loving life and playing golf all the time- well, almost all the time. Besides playing on the course, they have decided to start this very blog, to help other people who want to learn about golf but can’t receive their direct coaching. Golf should be fun for everyone, so we want to spread the love by increasing your skills.

See you all on the greens!