Golf in Afghanistan

Golf in Afghanistan

Afghanistan and Golf: Two worlds apart

I recently read an amazing article about one of the most famous and least used golf courses in the entire world- Kabul Golf Club in Qargha, Afghanistan.

Kabul Golf CourseThis place is chalked full of history and mystery. The mystery being why anyone would every want to go play there, and the history is rich with battle and drama. The club originally opened in 1967. It flaunted a 6-hole course when it first opened and claimed 11 straight years of sport and sun until politics interrupted play in 1978.

In 1978 it was closed by a communist coup d’etat. After re-opening in 1993 the club enjoyed three whole years before more political interference. In 1996 the Taliban regime made a country-wide ban on sports.

In 2001, after the invasion of Afghanistan, the course was used as a military training area to teach soldiers how to remove land mines. In 2004 the Kabul Golf club reopened after removing three Soviet tanks and a handful of missile launchers from the site. Since then the golf course has been open, though only used sporadically due to the variable nature of the regions political climate.

In recent years there has been a large push for funding of the golf club. Media sources from around the world, such as the BBC, Time, CNN, and The New York Times have all given attention to the Afghani golf club. Only time will tell whether or not the club will overcome the war-times and be able to sustain regular play.

Golf Youth Groups

Golf and Youth Sports

A recent study was done at the University of Arizona about the positive effects that sports can have on youth groups. The study found that incorporating various sports into youth programs has an extremely positive impact on the overall wellbeing of the youth involved.

The main sport that was covered in the study was golf. Apparently, golf is a fantastic sport for youth groups because it facilitates both large and small group settings. Also, it is a co-ed sport and doesn’t require high levels of physical fitness to be successful. Rather, good hand-eye coordination and strategy are what makes a player good.

Here at Learn to Golf, we love the idea of incorporating golf into youth groups ranging from schools to churches, to daycares and YMCAs- golf is an excellent way to build camaraderie, a love of the outdoors, and general physical fitness for young people.

If you want to teach a young person to play golf, why not start with putting? Putt-putt golf can be a great way to introduce kids to the sport. Check out our putting article.